The Bar Tours Couch Edition is a series of digital events that brings cocktails from some of the best Bars in the world directly to Dutch Bartenders’ couch: a cozy night with wonderful cocktails made by  the most creative and talented bartenders leading the bar-industry.

We all know how important sharing information, experiences and knowledge is. How fundamental the exposure to creative and dynamic stimuli is for all of us; for a bartender, one of the most common and loved ways to access these resources would have been a cocktail trip to visit famous bars or a Bar Show.

The challenging situation we all are facing has put our beloved industry under intense pressure and has taken away a lot; but not the passion that drives us; not the desire to share our skills and craftsmanship; not the pleasure of raising a glass with a friend or a stranger.

Then “If the Dutch bartender can’t go to London’s best bars, Red Carpet brings them to the Dutch bartender:”

Each edition will take you to one of the most vibrant cities around the world, sampling cocktails from some of the best Bars out there.

Second stop, NYC! Bars included in this edition’s were: Dante, Mace and Attaboy, respectively represented by Chris Moore, Nico de Soto and Haley Traub.

Special Thanks to: Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack, Old Duff Genever and Angostura Rums.