Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Week 2021

5 sources of flavour to achieve Woodford Reserve’s perfect balance, 5 top bars in the NL to achieve the perfect balanced Old Fashioned.

Woodford Reserve uses its 5 sources of flavour (iron free/limestone filtered spring water, unique mash bill of grains, longer fermentation, triple pot still distillation+column still, ageing) to create its balance of flavours:

During the OFW’21, representing  this complex process, 5 of the best cocktail bars in the NL competed against each other and created their signature Old Fashioned and together with professional video/photographers (SKIRR.) they presented their creations, watch the videos below.

The competition ended at Perfect Serve Barshow on Monday the 15th of November, at the Red Carpet stand, where Mike Korthout (Woodford Reserve Dutch Brand Ambassador) and Giorgio Bargiani (Head Mixologist at The Connaught Bar London) crowned the winning bar, DOOR74”

Visit the Woodfordreserve.com/oldfashionedweek for more info about the World Wide Campaign.