Perfect Serve Barshow Amsterdam 2023

Berlin, Rome, Paris, Lisbon, Athens, all have beautiful yearly appointments to celebrate the craft of cocktails, bartenders, new trends and products: Barshows!

Amsterdam is not an exception with its Perfect Serve: on the 5 & 6 of September 2023 professionals from all around the country (and the World) met in WesterLiefde, in Westerpark to experience everything cocktail.

Red Carpet’s stand, in 2021 friendly named “The Startenders Avenue”, has become a main attraction over the past editions, the place were HORECA professionals can catch up, watch cocktail competitions and try new and innovative beverages.

Special guest of this edition were Alex Tselepis and Dimitris Roussos from The Bar In Front of The Bar and Rumble in the Jungle Athens (World’s 50 Best Bars), which flew in for Jack Daniel’s Bonded: guest shift at Red Carpet Stand and The Tailor Bar Amsterdam.

The Startenders Awards Ceremony this year was held at Lovelee, a night full of “Stars”; check the dedicated page out for the highlights.